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Petr Bouř Group

Biomolecular Spectroscopy
Research Group
PHYS cluster

About our group

The team employs organic synthesis, spectroscopy, and theoretical approaches to decipher the functioning of biologically relevant molecules. The overall aim is to understand the structure and properties of molecules so that we can more efficiently modify and utilize their functions. We focus on the development of novel spectroscopic techniques, theoretical procedures, and computational modelling.

Special attention is paid to modern chiroptical methods, including vibrational optical activity. For example, we try to improve the ways to record and interpret molecular Raman scattering.  Compared to unpolarized spectroscopy, these methods bring about more information about the studied systems, but the spectra often need to be interpreted using a combination of quantum and molecular mechanics. Typical applications include problems linked to peptide folding, behaviour of nucleic acids, and biomolecular imaging.